There’s something that happens when light and fluidity meet. Infuse a little color and you can all but hear the bass pick up in the background.  This image made our eyes open a little wider and our pulses race a bit faster. We love them because of the energy they evoke, and the directions in which they send our minds spinning.

Some architects take great pains to ensure that a space is filled with light. But it falls upon the designer to harness that light, introducing colors, textures and finishes that not only build an aesthetic, but summon a mood and create energy.

To provide design solutions that match your inspiration and vision is a primary goal for us at Winfield Thybony.   In our Pinnacle collection, for example, we’ve embraced the themes of movement, energy and light. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With more than 1,000 patterns to choose from, our portfolio is certain to provide evocative solutions to match your creative vision.

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