Beauty from nature

This sophisticated, decorative collection of elegant grasscloth, bamboo, paper weaves, cork, and mica is a designer’s dream. The various intricate textures offer the best of nature’s bounty, and as a completely natural product it is harvested in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.



Luxurious, handcrafted and hand screened wallcoverings that are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, each production run is custom crafted.

Asian Essence

The ultimate couture for elegant living, the Asian Essence Collection exudes comfort, natural beauty, and serenity even in the most formal settings. Sensitive to innovation and design, Asian Essence combines timeless classic wallcoverings with avant-garde inspirational textures, adding spice and creating mystique.

Handcrafted Vol 1

Blending the experience and knowledge of “Old World Artisans” with “New Age Technology” and raw materials, we believe that Winfield Thybony’s distinctive and cutting edge Handcrafted Wallcoverings have no equals as it relates to imagination, design, color, and uncompromised quality.

Handcrafted Vol 2

These luxurious, handcrafted wallcoverings are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, these wallcoverings are custom crafted to each order.


Reminiscent of ancient frescoes and hand-hewn decorative plastering, this selection of unique designs stands out from the crowd. Their translucent qualities play with lighting in unexpected ways, juxtaposing luster against matte, pairing burnished metallic with opaque, layering texture on texture.

Natural Resources

A collection of 118 handmade textures, that are created by weaving natural materials and combining them with rich colors to create a unique wallcovering. This handcrafted technique was developed centuries ago. Today, they become beautiful wallcoverings that inspire great rooms. This diverse collection of textures includes, grasscloth, bamboo, paper weaves, cork, mica and a woven sisal stripe. This collection of timeless textures will be a useful addition to any library.

Oriental Classics

Oriental Classics features a wide range of chenille, cork, jute, metallic, sisal, and Paperweave Wallcoverings.


Serenity, the newest collection of grasscloths and paper weaves from Winfield Thybony Design, exemplifies the concept of draping your space in organic luxury by ‘bringing the outside in’. This collection boasts a rich neutral palette while playing with metallic tones and pops of deep reds and blues, crafting a simple elegance. The mix of classic grasses and modern minerals elevate Serenity to the highest level of appreciation for nature’s opulent elements and how those elements can also enrich our internal environments.

Simply Sisal

These wallcoverings range in colors from elegant neutrals; to bright, bold, saturated colors. Within the Simply Sisal Collection you will find demure colors that have a subtle sheen for those seeking an understated elegance; other patterns are woven onto a metallic ground creating a bolder more dramatic effect.

Specialty Effects

High-end interiors soar to new heights with the Specialty Effects Collection, full of new designs that evoke sophistication and exclusivity with touches of glamour and shine. These high-styled materials, designed for luxury interiors, include natural materials and woods, cork, beads, and foils.


Old world hand crafted and hand screened wallpapers, juxtaposing luster against matte, layering texture upon texture. Visione's translucent qualities transform color into mystical settings.

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