There are several types of wallcovering adhesives, each formulated for specific performance characteristics.  Some adhesives are formulated for light-weight and delicate fabrics while others are designed to adhere heavy-weight vinyl and acoustical wallcoverings.

Adhesives vary in level of wet-tack, solids, open-time, strippability and ease of application. They are generally applied on the back of the wallcovering either by the roller or pasting machine.  The manufacturer’s installation instructions should always be consulted prior to an installation.

There are four main categories of commercial adhesives:

Clear Adhesives.   Are either corn or wheat based. They are generally considered to have more open-time and are easier to clean-up than clay-based adhesives.

Clay Adhesives.  Like clear adhesives are starched based, but clay is added as a filler to increase the wet-tack and level of solids. They are considered to have a higher level of wet-tack and are more difficult to clean up versus clear adhesives. 

Wall Panel Adhesive.  Used in the installation of our Textured Wall Panel systems, Durabond D-745™ Fire Retardent Wall Adhesive is a high-performance, fast-grab, firm-set, low-VOC, acrylic adhesive designed for bonding where a Class "A" rating for both flame spread and smoke development is required.

Cork Adhesives.  Durabond D-740™ Multipurpose Wall Adhesive is a high performance, firm set, acrylic adhesive designed for the installation of MDC Natural Cork.  Forbo L-910 Wall Adhesive is a high performance, firm set, SBR Polymer designed for the installation of MDC Colored Cork.  Both adhesives may be used over properly prepared substrates; including drywall, latex painted surfaces, concrete, brick, wood and particle board.

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