Custom Design Process

From a simple custom color to a design vision brought to life, Winfield Thybony's Custom Design Program is simple and straightforward. Custom wallcoverings provide an exciting and unique interior design environment free from any color, design, or image limitations.

Our design consultation services are unparalleled in the industry; offering creative and practical solutions for your space. Our knowledgeable sales force manages the intricacies of the development and production processes so that you can stay focused on the creative aspects of your project.

To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we encourage close communication and collaboration during all steps of the design process:

Step 1: Project Submission
Working closely with a Winfield Thybony sales representative, all necessary information is gathered to ensure the best design options for your project. The key to our success is detailing the required design elements, product specifications, project timeline, and budget.

Step 2: Creation of Custom Artwork
In this stage, the creative concepts are brought to life; designs go from conception to full scale artwork. Exact requirements are established for the pattern’s design as well as the strict specifications for its color matching, scale, and design repeats.

Step 3: Submittal of Strike-Off
To ensure that the custom pattern has successfully made the transition from artwork to print, Winfield Thybony provides a pre-production proof called a "strike-off." Created using similar color mixing and printing technologies, the strike-off provides an accurate representation of the final production.

Step 4: Production
Once the client approves the “strike-offs” and a confirming purchase order issued, the project can be scheduled for production. During the final step, the approved sample is established as the standard to which final production will be matched.

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