Corporate Policy

Winfield Thybony is deeply committed to providing the most Environmentally Preferred Products from the most responsible of manufacturers. We will not only comply with all applicable laws, policies and regulations which govern environmental awareness, we will expand that commitment to encompass the choices of product which we select to distribute.

Each of those will be manufactured by facilities using the same sustainable approaches we endorse and each will reference the key elements of the NSF/ANSI 342 standard for environmentally preferable wallcovering products.

We will not stop at threshold improvements. Winfield Thybony has implemented recycling systems for both pre and post consumer waste. Those are designed to constantly reduce not only those waste streams, but to reduce the pollution levels connected to them. We also have dedicated ourselves to documented reductions in energy and water consumption. The overarching goal is to identify and implement the ways in which we, and our vendors, might contribute to the next generation of wallcovering.

We strive to continually improve the full lifecycle elements of our products: creation, transport, installation and eventual return to the stream. We will coordinate with each manufacturer to first identify and then improve the best practice methods and environmental impact of each phase.

Winfield Thybony is not quiet about this desire. Our internal improvements are brought forth through the ongoing commitment of our employees and all other critical stakeholders. External sourcing is scrutinized and evaluated on a constant basis. No aspect of our business will escape this environmental review. This is not a checklist, this is our ongoing initiative to continually expand upon our current goals and by doing so, deepen our environmental commitment.

Corporate Green Policy

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